DJ Sarcastic, also known as Kevin Venis, was born in Vlaardingen back in the 80’ies. What once started out as a hobby, he wanted to take making music to a professional level. DJ Sarcastic started with jump and grew with the harder dance scene. At the end of 2013 Sarcastic became third during a DJ Contest in Almere and in 2014 he won the DJ Contest from Freestyle Rockers. His highlight came in September 2014 and August 2015: in those years he won the Lierse Freestyle DJ contest; twice!

After these highlights the bookings came in like Flevodanceland, Pijnackers Pussy and Freestyle v.s. Hardstyle. Besides the bookings DJ Sarcastic was working on a few bootlegs and tracks of his own. At this moment he’s still working on his own tracks. Life is been busy, but it isn’t time to say goodbye yet because the world needs sarcasm.


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